“Splish Splash”

May 19th Celebrates “Splish Splash”

On May 19th 1958, Bobby Darin single called, “Splish Splash,” was released as the first eight track master recording pressed to a plastic 45 RPM disc.

“Splish Splash” is a 1958 song performed and co-written by Bobby Darin. It was written with DJ Murray, who bet that Darin couldn’t write a song that began with the words, “Splish Splash.”

The title was suggested by Murray ‘the K’ Kaufman’s mother, Jean, but she also penned the music; Bobby and Murray wrote the lyrics. Murray was a very influential DJ in New York, and had been championing Bobby for awhile, but Darin’s recordings weren’t going anywhere. The two, however, had become good friends and, one weekend, played together in a softball game in Central Park. Afterward, they walked to Murray’s apartment just south of the park and recovered by soaking their feet in basins of Epsom salts.

As she did every day, Murray’s mother Jean called to check on her only son, and Murray told her about the game (a celebrity event to promote some good cause or other) and about “the agony of de feet.” As soon as the call ended, the phone rang again, and Jean, who’d been a piano player in vaudeville, announced she had an idea for a song – ‘Splish, splash, take a bath.’ With that as a starting point, Murray and Bobby worked on the lyrics, Jean collaborated on the tune, and they marched the song over to Atlantic Records, which was Darin’s label.

At Atlantic, according to Jerry Wexler he thought that the song had a chance, but Ahmet Ertegun was dead set against it. Jerry, of course, prevailed, and the tune became Darin’s first of many hits.

Today’s You Tube video is brought to you by user name, (Movie Clips) as Kevin Spacey portrays Bobby Darin’s life story. The 2004 film called, “Beyond the Sea.” A must see, if you happen to be a Kevin Spacey fan.

Sesame Street has used this on a few of their albums. It is a very popular song for kids, especially when performed by Elmo.

Another Bobby Darin song I’ve always enjoyed is when I saw that movie called, “Finding Nemo,” in the movie Bobby Darin sings, “Beyond the Sea.”

In lieu of today’s story I leave you now with one my favorite quotes from Bobby Darin, when he said, “My philosophy is take one day at a time. I don’t worry about the future. Tomorrow is even out sight for me.”

Written and Designed by JD Mitchell

J.D Mitchell Design Studio



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