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The First Patent of Water Skis

October 27th Celebrates Water Skis

Today on “Days to Remember” we celebrate how Fred Waller received a patent for water skis on October 27th 1925.

I’ve never been on water skis have you?

Since I never learned how to swim I probably wouldn’t enjoy water skis but what I do enjoy is how this product came available to the consumer.
The actual inventor of the water ski was a fellow by the name of Ralph Wilford Samuelson, the inventor of water skiing, which he first performed in the summer of 1922 in Lake City, Minnesota, just before his 19th birthday.

Samuelson was already skilled at aquaplaning standing on a board while being pulled by a powerboat, but he hoped to create something like snow skiing on the water.

Samuelson did not patent his invention, nor was his work sufficiently publicized at the time to prevent U.S. Patent for water skis from being subsequently issued, on October 27, 1925, to prolific inventor Fred Waller of Huntington, New York. Waller marketed his product as “Dolphin Akwa-Skees,” at Cypress Water Garden.

Today’s YouTube presentation brought to you by user name Jeff Quitney, is a clip from Cypress Gardens Water Skiing Stunts: Aquatic Wizards 1955 Castle Films. As we celebrate the invention of the water skis on October 27th.

Waller later invented the Cinerama wide-screen motion picture system, and in 1952’s “This is Cinerama,” the first feature film released in the panoramic format, like that old saying goes, “When you snooze you lose.”

Samuelson either didn’t have the money to invest in his invention or maybe he wouldn’t think anyone else would think of the same idea he had. However Samuelsson did come up with the idea for water skis in the summer of 1922.

Were there any famous water skiers of our time?

From 1965 to 1974, a fellow by the name of George Athans who was a former Canadian World Champion water skier won 10 consecutive national titles, also known as George Anthans Junior, to distinguish him from his father, Canadian Olympic Hall of Famer George Athans Senior.

Maybe you prefer high jumps during a water skiing event; if that’s so then Freddy Krueger would be your favorite. Freddy, the world record holder for jumping just won the men’s jumping title at the 2nd Global Invitational. He jumped 236 feet for the title.

Are there any famous women water skiers?

I’m glad you asked because there is someone special I wanted to bring to your attention.

Kristi Overton-Johnson holds part of a three-way tie for the World Record in Slalom. Kristi is now retired, but the North Carolina native had a brilliant career as a professional water skier. She began competing at age five, winning the Southern Region Girls Tricks, Jumping, and Overall Record.

Water Skiing is not just a summer time past-time, it is a sport with professionals, who compete around the world, breaking records and improving the sport, as we celebrate the first patent issued for water skis on October 27th.

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