The Swan Song

My Swan Song

Did you know the metaphor, “Swan Song,” came from Greece?

The metaphorical phrase of the “Swan Song,” has been long debated over the centuries and had become proverbial in Ancient Greece by the 3rd century BC, and was reiterated many times in later Western poetry and art as giving a final gesture, or performance just before death or retirement.

The reason why today’s story is called “The Swan Song,” is because two years ago today I started writing my blog.

I wasn’t out for fame or glory when I started this blog; I just enjoyed writing and inspiring others.
That I wanted to be upfront with all my readers today, and tell them I enjoyed your comments over the years, but I wanted spend more time in finishing my autobiography for publication.

Sadly I can’t do both, but this isn’t a good-bye but just time out to finish my book I started two years ago.

My blog is still going to be here for you to enjoy, and to share with others, and I’m grateful to my 74 followers that has with me for the last two years, but as I leave you now.

I wish you success and happiness in all your endeavors, as I share this video with you below to help you follow your dreams because nothing in Life happens without a purpose.

Written and Created by J.D. Mitchell


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