Candice Bergen

May 9th Celebrates Candice Bergen

Today on Days to remember we celebrate how on May 9th 1946 Candice Bergen was born.

Bergen was born Candice Patricia Bergren in Beverly Hills, California. Her mother, Frances Bergen (née Westerman), was a Powers model who was known professionally as Frances Westcott.

Her father, Edgar Bergen (originally Bergren), was a famous ventriloquist, comedian, and actor. Back in the day Edgar Bergen had a ventriloquist act with a dummy named Charlie Mc Carthy.

In October 1949, Bergen went to CBS, with a new weekly program, The Charlie McCarthy Show, sponsored by Coca-Cola.

Today you don’t see that many dummy acts; one famous dummy act is performed by Jeff Dunham. Dunham began practicing for hours in front of a mirror, studying the routines of Edgar Bergen, and the how-to record Jimmy Nelson’s Instant Ventriloquism, finding ventriloquism to be a learned skill, similar to juggling, that anyone with a normal speaking voice can acquire.

Usually when show business parents have kids their kids become famous too, as Candice Bergen did.
She’s best known for her title role on the sitcom Murphy Brown. She won five Emmy’s for the show, which ran for 10 seasons. She also co-starred with William Shatner on ABC’s Boston Legal starting in 2005.
She began modeling as a teenager before graduating and going into acting with the 1966 film The Group.
Did you know Candice Bergen once dated Donald Trump?

Just recently that actress has said, “We had a blind date in college,” the actress told PEOPLE at the American Songbook Gala Thursday evening in New York City about her brief encounter with Donald Trump.

For Bergen, 70, the sparks just didn’t fly. “It was a very short evening,” Bergen said. Trump revealed last August that he had asked Bergen out when they were both attending the prestigious Wharton School of Business.

And she still doesn’t feel much of a connection to the Republican presidential hopeful. Bergen told reporters that she is a supporter of Hillary Clinton.

However, today’s election is wishing Happy Birthday to Candice Bergen.

Written & Designed by JD Mitchell


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