May 7th Celebrates The AMA

Today on Days to remember we celebrate how on May 7th 1847, the AMA which stands for American Medical Association, was organized in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

Why was American Medical Association organized?

Like an exclusive club, since 1847 the American Medical Association has promoted scientific advancement, improved public health, and invested in the doctor and patient relationship.

AMA History is a rich narrative that demonstrates the important role the institution and its members have played in the development of medicine in the United States.

As a freelance artist I’m always attracted to other artist work because sometimes enjoyed someone else’s work inspires me at the same time.

Artist Robert Thom was an American illustrator who specialized in the portrayal of historical scenes for commercial patrons. He is perhaps best known for his series of 40 paintings depicting the history of pharmacy, and his series of 45 paintings depicting the history of medicine, both commissioned by Parke-Davis.

The reason I’m referring to the artist is not to get off the beaten path of our today’s story, because the artist did a painting of our founding fathers on May 7th 1847, having that famous meeting when the first American Medical Association, Robert Thom came up with the painting in 1961.

Why was the American Medical Association invented?

The American Medical Association was founded by a group of doctors in 1847 who were affiliated with various local and state medical associations. The doctors were concerned that medical education in America was not regulated on a national level.

Even the nation’s leading medical schools, such as Harvard and Yale, turned out sadly underprepared doctors, and many other medical schools operated neither entry or exit requirements, accepting all who could pay and granting degrees to all who completed the course.

The AMA also tried to combat the prevalence of “quack” medicines—potions with secret ingredients of doubtful use or safety, which were widely available before the invention of modern drugs.

By 1849 the AMA had established a committee to educate the public about the dangers of quack medicines. The AMA also sought to raise standards of medical journals. Many scientific journals flourished briefly in 19th-century America, and few gave any guarantee that what they published was factual.

In 1882 the AMA founded its Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). The Journal promoted the AMA’s views, and set itself high journalistic standards. Nathan Davis, one of the founders of the AMA, was the first editor, and it was published by a firm in Chicago. That city became national headquarters for the association.

Even though there are still quack doctors around today the AMA started the ball rolling on what doctor you could trust through their organization, as we celebrate how on May 7th 1847, the AMA which stands for American Medical Association, was organized in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

Written & Designed by JD Mitchell


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