The First Buffalo born in captivity

April 21st Celebrates First Buffalo born in captivity

Today on Days to remember we celebrate how on April 21st 1892, the Frist Buffalo was born in Golden Gate Park.

Although the name of this popular Golden Gate Park attraction suggests you will encounter a gang of buffalo, you will actually have the pleasure of viewing the behavioral patterns of the American bison.

Located next to Spreckels Lake, pieces of history lumber across an enclosed field of green.

Today’s YouTube presentation brought to you by user name, (Here Architecture), gives you a little demonstration of who found the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, were the first buffalo was born.

Since the 1890s, the bison have become a treasured tradition about the park, serving as a remembrance of the illustrious Wild West.

In the past, an assortment of animals, including bears, goats, and elk, roamed about a free-range environment. Small herds of bison also called Golden Gate Park their home.

In 1890, a distinct bison cow and one bison bull were transported from the rolling Great Plains to the urban paradise of the Golden Gate Park.
Hailing from parts of Wyoming and Kansas, the cow was named Sarah Bernhardt, while the bull was called Ben Harrison. The Park Commission beamed with pride as such possessions roamed about their land.

At first, the bison were positioned east of where the new Academy of Sciences will stand. As time passed, some bison were transported to where they can be found today during 1899.

Over the years, more and more bison residents began to find their way to the Golden Gate Park Buffalo Paddock, including three from the Yellowstone National Park in 1905. Before you knew it, the herd showcased 30 bison in 1918.

The 1st buffalo ever born in captivity was born at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo in 1884. A few later, on April 21st 1892, the First Buffalo was born in Golden Gate Park, and what a joyous occasion that was back then.

Written & Designed by JD Mitchell


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