Back in the Saddle Again

April 18th Celebrates Back in the Saddle Again

Today on Days to remember we celebrate how on April 18th 1939, Gene Autry recorded the song called, “Back in the Saddle Again.”

“Back in the Saddle Again” was the signature song of Gene Autry’s career as the singing cowboy.

It was co-written by Autry with Ray Whitley and first released on April 18th 1939. The song was associated with Autry throughout his career and was used as the name of Autry’s autobiography in 1976.

If Gene Autry before your time, you might who he was?

Orvon Grover “Gene” Autry was born on September 29, 1907, and died on October 2, 1998; he was an American performer who gained fame as a singing cowboy on the radio, in movies, and on television for more than three decades beginning in the early 1930s.

Autry was also owner of a television station, several radio stations in Southern California, and the Los Angeles/California/Anaheim Angels Major League Baseball team from 1961 to 1997.

He was born near Tioga in Grayson County in north Texas, the grandson of a Methodist preacher. His parents, Delbert Autry and Elnora Ozment, moved in the 1920s to Ravia in Johnston County in southern Oklahoma. He worked on his father’s ranch while at school. After leaving high school in 1925, Autry worked as a telegrapher for the St. Louis–San Francisco Railway. His talent at singing and playing guitar led to performing at local dances.

Today’s YouTube presentation brought to you by user name, “Yo-Yo” gives you a slide show presentation the way Gene Autry was so long ago, as he sings his song called, “Back in the Saddle Again.”

While working as a telegrapher, Autry would sing and accompany himself on the guitar to pass the lonely hours, especially when he had the midnight shift, which later got him fired.

One night, he was encouraged to sing professionally by a customer, the famous humorist Will Rogers, who had heard Autry singing, and the rest is history.

Which just go to show if you’re passionate about something you do, it will come out? Whether or not people accept you for who are you doesn’t really matter if what you do inspires you.

And if people don’t understand how creative you really are, remember Gene Autry’s song today, “Back in the Saddle Again,” as you dust yourself off, and do what you want to do.

As we celebrate how on April 18th 1939, Gene Autry recorded the song called, “Back in the Saddle Again.”

Written & Designed by JD Mitchell


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