March 31st Celebrates HBO

Today on Day’s to remember, we celebrate how on March 31st 1987, HBO known as (Home Box Office) earned its first Oscar for, “Down and Out in America.”’

Before we get into today’s story, who founded HBO?

Charles F. Dolan is the founder of Cablevision and HBO. Through super voting shares, Dolan today controls Cablevision, AMC Networks, and The Madison Square Garden Company, which at one point were all part of Cablevision itself.

HBO was launched on November 8th 1972, and is an American premium cable and satellite television network that is owned by Home Box Office Inc.
Now that you have a movie reel of information above how HBO got started. What was “Down and Out in America,” about that HBO earned an Oscar for?

Three sectors of American society hit by recession in the mid-1980s: heartland farms, factory workers out of a job, and the new homeless. In Minnesota, 250 family farms are being repossessed each week; men and women talk about their farms, the nature of their bank loans, the onslaught of corporate farming, and their sorrow and despair. In cities where 3,500 jobs per day go overseas, unemployed workers contemplate their options. The newly homeless talk about the jobs they’ve lost, “Justice Ville” in Los Angeles (bulldozed by court order), and squatting in New York’s abandoned buildings. A family living in a welfare hotel tells their story.

It was a 1986 documentary where all the main character including the narrator had played themselves I didn’t actually see the documentary because I don’t get HBO, but it does sound interesting.

Today’s YouTube video is clip from the documentary called, “Down and out in America,” shared by user name, (erp65) Poverty, foreclosure, and homelessness, circa 1986, directed by Lee Grant and winner of the 1986, Academy Award for Documentary Film.

With the recession going in America even though this documentary was filmed in 1986, it won accredit claim for its grittiness as a powerful film.

After poring over the grim statistics, which reveal millions homeless and millions more living in poverty, filmmaker Lee Grant studies three stories in depth: farmers plagued with debt, a group of homeless people in a town called Justiceville, and a bewildered, resentful young family forced out onto the streets after their apartment catches on fire.

I adore true life stories rather than fantasy films, one of my favorite quotes from Mike Todd was, “I’ve never been poor, only broke. Being poor, is a frame of mind. Being broke is only a temporary situation.”

Having been poor myself, a few times in my life, you should never be ashamed of being poor, because having the right attitude while your poor makes you the richer wiser person within.

Written & Designed by JD Mitchell


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