Ricky Nelson’s First Song

March 26th Celebrates Ricky Nelson’s first song

Today on Day’s to remember, we celebrate how on March 26th 1957, Ricky Nelson record his first song.

As we watched Ozzie and Harriet rear their kids up on that 1950’s show called, “Ozzie and Harriet,” who would ever know little Ricky Nelson wouldn’t become a recording star.

Ricky recorded, “A Teenager’s Romance” on March 26, 1957 as his first single.

Before the single was released, Nelson made his television rock and roll debut on April 10, 1957 lip-synching “I’m Walkin'” in the Ozzie and Harriet episode, “Ricky, the Drummer”.

Around the same time, he made an unpaid public appearance as a singer at a Hamilton High School lunch hour assembly in Los Angeles with the Four Preps and was greeted by hordes of screaming teens that had seen the television episode.

Who wrote the song called, “Teenager’s Romance?”

“A Teenager’s Romance” is a song written by David Gillam and performed by Ricky Nelson. The song reached #2 on the Billboard Top 100 in 1957.

Today’s YouTube presentation brought to you by user name, (John 1948 Tom) giving you Little Ricky Nelson singing his song called, “A Teenager’s Romance,” as celebrate how on March 26th 1957, Ricky Nelson record his first song.

Where’s Ricky Nelson now?

Ricky Nelson, who gained childhood fame on his parents’ radio and television programs and went on to became one of rock-and-roll’s earliest teen-age idols, was killed along with his fiancée and five other people when his DC-3 plane crashed in flames near De Kalb, Texas.

The pilot and copilot survived the crash, but were critically burned, according to Michael L. Cox, a spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety in Austin.

The plane was so hot from the fire that rescue workers could not get close enough to recover the bodies of the victims, Mr. Cox said. He said the investigating officers discovered Mr. Nelson’s identity because one of the survivors gave him a name to call and it turned out to be Mr. Nelson’s manager. The manager confirmed that the plane was Mr. Nelson’s from the registration number on the tail.

In the late 1950’s Ricky began to sing on the television show, and when he was 16 he recorded ”I’m Walkin’, ” a Fats Domino hit, and became an instant idol of the teenie-bopper set.

After the television show ran its course, Ricky Nelson devoted his time to singing, and over the years he recorded scores of singles and albums.

He also made several movies, including ”Rio Bravo” with John Wayne and ”The Wackiest Ship in the Army” with Jack Lemmon.

What talent Ricky Nelson was, and still is as we celebrate the song called, “A Teenager’s Romance,” on March 26th 1957 his first recorded song.

Written & Designed by JD Mitchell


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