Ides of March

March 15th Celebrates Ides of March

Today on Day’s to Remember, we celebrate how on March 15th 44 B.C. the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar was assassinated by high ranking Roman Senators.

The day is known as the “Ides of March.”

Murder no matter how you look at it isn’t exactly something that we would understand, or be equipped to explain it?

However the Ides of March 15th over the decades has lived in infamy beyond the murder of Julius Caesar, below are ten events that occurred on that same date, which is why March 15th was turned into the Ides of March.

Did you know on March 15th 1360, a French raiding party begins a 48-hour spree of rape, pillage and murder in southern England? King Edward III interrupts his own pillaging spree in France to launch reprisals, writes historian Barbara Tuchman, “on discovering that the French could act as viciously in his realm as the English did in France.”

Did you know on March 15th 1889, a cyclone had wrecks six warships? Three U.S., three German in the harbor at Apia, Samoa, leaving more than 200 sailors dead. (On the other hand, the ships represented each nation’s show of force in a competition to see who would annex the Samoan islands; the disaster averted a likely war.)

Did you know on March 15th 1917, Czar Nicholas II of Russia signs his abdication papers, ending a 304-year-old royal dynasty and ushering in Bolshevik rule? He and his family are taken captive and, in July 1918, executed before a firing squad.
Did you now on March 15th 1939, just six months after Czechoslovak leaders ceded the Sudetenland, Nazi troops seize the provinces of Bohemia and Moravia, effectively wiping Czechoslovakia off the map?

Also on March 15th 1941, a Saturday-night blizzard strikes the northern Great Plains, leaving at least 60 people dead in North Dakota and Minnesota and six more in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. A light evening snow did not deter people from going out after all, Saturday night was the time for socializing, Diane Boit of Hendrum, Minnesota, would recall—but “suddenly the wind switched, and a rumbling sound could be heard as 60 mile-an-hour winds swept down out of the north.”

The world’s largest rain fall, also happened on March 15th 1952, on the Indian Ocean island of La Réunion, it kept falling, hard enough to register the world’s most voluminous 24-hour rainfall measuring out to 73.62 inches.

Another tragedy that also happened on March 15th 1971, when word leaked out that CBS-TV canceled, “The Ed Sullivan Show” after 23 years on the network, which also dumped Red Skelton and Jackie Gleason in the preceding month. A generation mourns.

The universe also had some problems on March 15th 1988, NASA reports that the ozone layer over the Northern Hemisphere has been depleted three times faster than predicted.

However on March 15th 2003, after accumulating reports of a mysterious respiratory disease afflicting patients and healthcare workers in China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore and Canada, the World Health Organization issues a heightened global health alert. The disease will soon become famous under the acronym SARS (for Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome).

If you believe in superstition, I have to say there’s no rhyme or reason, how March 15th became an omen to a lot of people.

But what I truly believe in is, when a belief leaves no place for doubt, it’s not a belief, its superstition.

Learn to leave your life without fear, because it can never give you direction!

Written & Designed by JD Mitchell


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