Antoine Cadillac

March 5th Celebrates Antoine Cadillac

Today on Day’s to Remember, we celebrate how on March 5th 1685 Antoine Cadillac founded the city of Detroit Michigan.

Who exactly was Antoine Cadillac?

Antoine Cadillac was a French explorer and adventurer in New France; he traveled across the area of North America that stretched from present-day Eastern Canada in the north to Louisiana on the Gulf of Mexico in the south.

Rising from a modest beginning in Acadia in 1683 as an explorer, trapper, and a trader of alcohol and furs, he achieved various positions of political importance in the colony. He was the commander of Fort de Buade, modern-day St. Ignace, Michigan, in 1694.

In 1701, he founded Fort Pontchartrain du Detroit, the beginnings of modern Detroit, which he commanded until 1710. Between 1710 and 1716 he was the governor of Louisiana, although he did not arrive in that territory until 1713.

Some historical controversy clouds the achievements of Antoine Cadillac who in 1701 founded the first significant European post west of the Allegheny Mountains and named it Detroit.

The French government named Cadillac a captain in the Marines and naval ensign in April of 1694. He was sent to command the fort at Michilimackinac, located at what is now Mackinac City, Michigan.

France still considered the savvy, intrepid Cadillac a valuable asset, and the king and royal advisors finally heeded his arguments that France should establish a trading center on the Great Lakes to compete with New York.

Again, Cadillac managed to outwit his detractors and instead was named governor of the territory of Louisiana in November 1710.

It’s hard to believe that a very long time ago how on March 5th 1685 Antoine Cadillac the founder of Detroit Michigan.

Written & Designed by JD Mitchell


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