The Los Angeles Vineyard Society

February 24th Celebrates The Los Angeles Vineyard Society

Today on Days to Remember we celebrate how on February 24th 1857 the Los Angeles Vineyard Society was organized.

Where did the idea for the Los Angeles Vineyard Society come about?

Actually it all started in the city of Anaheim when the first German settlers settled there.

Plans for a vineyard society as discussed materialized into a cooperative venture known as the “Los Angeles Vineyard Society,” had their first recorded meeting of which was held in San Francisco on February 24, 1857.

The history of wine in Southern California begins with the Missions. It was at the missions that wine grapes were first planted to provide for the sacrament of communion. San Gabriel Mission was the largest, and Los Angeles was the first early center for winemaking in California. The Missions were the teachers and nurserymen for the lay people.

When Prohibition started in 1920, it created all sorts of crazy contradictions in the wine industry. It lasted until December 1933 when it was repealed. Prohibition shut down the regular operation of wineries, but it did not necessarily put an end to them.

A number of California’s early settlers made wine. Especially, as I mentioned, when immigrants began to arrive in California – the French, Italians, Dutch, Germans, Yankees, and a variety of others — brought with them their own personal experience of winemaking and grape growing.

The earliest wine growing was not just confined to Los Angeles. The first vineyards in the Cucamonga Region go back to 1839. The same year marked the beginning of wine in Riverside.

The Gold Rush did not transform Los Angeles the way it did San Francisco, however it did create a new market for wine. Now people making wine in Los Angeles could ship it north in large quantities.

But the big development was in Anaheim, now in Orange County, but at that time it was still part of Los Angeles County.

As we celebrate how on February 24th 1857 the Los Angeles Vineyard Society was organized.

Written & Designed by JD Mitchell


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