Peggy Fleming

February 13th Celebrates Peggy Fleming

Today on Days to Remember we celebrate how on February 13th 1965, sixteen year old Peggy Flemming won the ladies senior figure skater title at Lake Placid New York.

It’s hard to imagine how a sixteen year old kid could win a figure skating contest back then?

Today’s U S. Figure Skating’s DREAM program was developed with the goal of using the skating and leadership skills of successful junior and senior level athletes in all disciplines to influence the lives of developing athletes.

It’s been approximately eight years since the first U.S. Figure Skating DREAM Program was launched and each member of the “Original 10” has been busy on and off the ice.

However the DREAM program wasn’t around when young Peggy Fleming hit the ice.

Peggy Fleming was born on July 27th 1948, in San Jose California, and first started ice skating at the age of nine.

Soon after thinking her ice skating would just be a hobby, it blossomed into an amateur career, including winning the U.S. titles and world championships.

When asked by reporters how her skating career began, little Peggy answered reporters’ by answering, “If I wouldn’t started skating if weren’t for my Dad, but I became a skater because of my Mom. It is not stretching the point to say, “We became skaters, two people one pair of skates. We each had a job to do to make me a champion skater, and I certainly didn’t do it on my own.”

Today’s YouTube video below brought to you by user name, (Golden Age of FS), is a commerical of little Peggy Fleming winning the ladies senior figure skater title at Lake Placid New York on February 13th 1965, as she takes the center stage.

However Peggy’s life story has not always been as smooth as ice.

She waged a very personal war against breast cancer more than a decade ago and won that battle as well.

Peggy Fleming was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1998. The cancer was detected in its early stages, and surgery was successful. She became a breast cancer activist who recommends not procrastinating and advocates for early detection.

In June 13, 1970, Fleming married her teenage sweetheart Greg Jenkins, a dermatologist and a former amateur pair figure skater.

The couple has two sons, Andy in 1977, Todd in 1988, and three grandchildren.

They also owned and operated Fleming Jenkins Vineyards & Winery in California. The winery produced close to 2,000 cases of wine a year with such brands as “Choreography Cabernet” and “San Francisco Bay Syrah Rosé.”

Profits from the “Victories Rosé” went towards charities that supported research towards breast cancer.

However because of the recession like most companies the winery closed in 2011.

Today Fleming has been a television commentator on figure skating for over 20 years, including several Winter Olympic Games.

As we celebrate how on February 13th 1965, sixteen year old Peggy Flemming won the ladies senior figure skater title at Lake Placid New York.

Written & Designed by JD Mitchell


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