Volley Ball

February 9th Celebrates Volley Ball

Today on Days to Remember we celebrate how on February 9th 1895 Volley Ball was invented by W.G. Morgan.

The first volleyball game, originally called “Mintonette” (referencing its similarity to badminton), was played in Holyoke Massachusetts at a YMCA. The inventor of the game was the YMCA athletic director there, William G. Morgan.

I’m glad they changed the name to Volley Ball; I probably wouldn’t have remembered Mintonette, it’s hard to believe the game volley ball has been around that long?

How did Morgan come up with the idea for Volley ball?

Morgan had become intrigued by the recently invented game of basketball, which had been invented about four years before around nine miles from Holyoke in Springfield Massachusetts.

Basketball was invented there by Dr. James Naismith, a physical education teacher at the YMCA International Training School, which is today known as Springfield College, which I wrote about last year on my blog.

How did Volley Ball and Basket Ball evolve into an indoor sport?

Basically, the YMCA was looking for a game that would keep athletes in shape and un-injured during the cold winter months when they couldn’t play outside.

Today’s YouTube presentation brought to you by user name, ( isla mari), is a clip from the movie called, Top Gun of Tom Cruises character playing Volley Ball on the beach, as we celebrate how on February 9th 1895 Volley Ball was invented by W.G. Morgan.

Mintonette was first played at his YMCA and the rules were tweaked over the course of a little under a year until 1896 when Morgan wrote down the “final” rules and submitted them for review at a YMCA Physical Director’s Conference.

Volleyball quickly spread in popularity throughout the U.S., Canada, and the Philippines, among others, and was soon spread throughout Europe largely thanks to troops from North America playing it during WWI (16,000 volleyballs were donated to the troops, which needless to say made it a very popular game among them).

At first women couldn’t play Volley Ball when it first came out in 1895 not until years later that a woman was allowed to play volley ball.

It quickly became apparent that volleyball had appeal far beyond the middle-aged men it was originally introduced to.

Colleges and high schools began to adopt the sport for both men and women. Volleyball became the competitive fall sport for girls.

The first US national volleyball championships for women were played in 1949; 54 years after women began competing in the game.

The first international championships for women were played in 1952 in Moscow.

As we celebrate how on February 9th 1895 Volley Ball was invented by W.G. Morgan, now that you have over net information on this popularized game it’s your serve, to serve it well with others.

Written & Designed by JD Mitchell


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