The Trademark Coca-Cola

January 31st Celebrates The trademark of Coca-Cola

Today on Days to Remember we celebrate how on January 31st 1893, the first trademark was registered in the United States Patent office.

Since then the trademark has been renewed periodically the first time it was patented.

Did you know Coca-Cola was green instead of its original color we see now?

The bottlers of Coca-Cola in the early 1900s had their share of challenges. Probably the most persistent and serious was protecting the product and the package from imitation. Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but in the business world it can mean the death of a good name.

Pepsi which is similar to Coca Cola came out on May 27th 1867, by the fellow by the name of Caleb Davis Bradham.

Like that wise old question, “What came first the chicken or the egg?”

Coca-Cola came out way before Pepsi did; another imitation of the cola world was RC Cola, known as Royal Crown Cola. It was invented by pharmacist by the name of Claud A Hatcher, in 1905.

In 1886, Coca-Cola was invented by a pharmacist named John Pemberton, otherwise known as “Doc.” He fought in the Civil War, and at the end of the war he decided he wanted to invent something that would bring him commercial success.

It’s hard to believe that Coca-Cola has been around that long, but in the 1800s they didn’t have over the counter stomach cures.

Actually drinking carbonated sodas did the trick because it would make you belch.

In 1798 the first coin phrase soda water was used.

In 1808 the first manufacture to produce mineral water which was part of the soda water family came out.

Did you now the first bottle soda water came out in the United States in 1835?

Ginger Ale which is another carbonated drink wasn’t invented in United States but in Ireland in the year 1851.

However you Dr. Pepper came out before Coca Cola, in 1885 by Charles Aderton from Waco Texas.

Did you know the first diet cola was sold to United States in 1959?

Soda vending machines came out in 1965, so as there’s a lot to be proud of how the soda fizz is been around so long.

As we remember how on January 31st 1893, the first trademark was registered in the United States Patent office.

Written & Designed by JD Mitchell


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