Shoeless Joe Jackson

December 6th Celebrates Shoeless Joe Jackson

Today on “Days to Remember” we celebrate how base ball legend Shoeless Joe Jackson’s signature sold for $23,100.00 dollars on December 6th 1990.

If you remember the movie called, “Field of Dreams,” Shoeless Joe Jackson was mentioned in the movie, but who was Shoeless Joe Jackson?

Joseph Jefferson Jackson was born on July 16, 1887 and died on December 5, 1951, nicknamed “Shoeless Joe”, was an American outfielder who played Major League Baseball in the early part of the 20th century.

He is remembered for his performance on the field and for his alleged association with the Black Sox Scandal, in which members of the 1919 Chicago White Sox participated in a conspiracy to fix the World Series.

As a result of Jackson’s association with the scandal, Kenesaw Mountain Landis, Major League Baseball’s first commissioner, banned Jackson from playing after the 1920 season despite exceptional play in the 1919 World Series, leading both teams in a statistical category and setting a series record.

Since then, Jackson’s guilt has been fiercely debated with new accounts claiming his innocence beckoning Major League Baseball to reconsider his banishment. As a result of the scandal, Jackson’s career was abruptly halted in his prime, ensuring him a place in baseball lore forever.

Where did Shoeless Joe Jackson get his nick name?

According to Jackson, he got his nickname during a mill game played in Greenville, South Carolina.

Jackson suffered from blisters on his foot from a new pair of cleats, and they hurt so much that he had to take his shoes off before he was at bat.
As play continued, a heckling fan noticed Jackson running to third base in his socks, and shouted “You shoeless son of a gun, you!” and the resulting nickname “Shoeless Joe” stuck with him throughout the remainder of his life.

The Phil Alden Robinson film Field of Dreams, based on Shoeless Joe by W. P. Kinsella, stars Ray Liotta as Jackson. Kevin Costner plays an Iowa farmer who hears a mysterious voice instructing him to build a baseball field on his farm so Shoeless Joe can play baseball again. (Liotta portrays Jackson as batting right-handed and throwing left-handed, although Jackson actually batted left and threw right.)

Shoeless Joe Jackson’s signature sold for $23,100.00 dollars on December 6th 1990.

Sharon Bowen thought her late husband was a bit crazy for buying a scrapbook filled with black and white photos of Cleveland ballplayers from the early 1900s, but not anymore. It turns out that book held what may be the only autographed photo of Shoeless Joe Jackson, the Holy Grail of baseball signatures.

A baseball bearing Jackson’s shaky signature brought $78,000 in 2011. Even a scrap of paper with his autograph sold for $23,100 nearly 25 years ago.
The moral to this store, not everything you see is junk, and has market value somewhere?

Written & Designed by JD Mitchell


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