Petula Clark

November 15th Celebrates Petula Clark

Today on “Days to Remember” we celebrate Petula Clark’s birthday.

Petula Clark first broke into the limelight during World War II when as a child she entertained the troops, both on radio and in concert. She is said to have performed in over 200 shows for the forces all over England before the age of nine and by war’s end, Petula Clark–the British “Shirley Temple” who had come to represent childhood itself–was so popular in England she was asked to sing at a national victory celebration at Trafalgar Square.

In 1944, Petula made her first movie and has since appeared in over 30 British and American films.

Petula Sally Olwen Clark, was born November 15th 1935, and an English singer, actress and composer whose career has spanned seven decades.
One of my favorite songs from Petula Clark was the song called, “Downtown.”

“Downtown” is a pop song composed by Tony Hatch which, as recorded by Petula Clark in 1964, became an international hit, reaching No. 1 in Billboard Hot 100 and No. 2 in UK Singles Chart.

Today’s YouTube presentation brought to you by user name, Classiconall’s Channel of Petula Clack singing her song called, “Downtown,” as we celebrate her birthday today on November 15th.

Clark was discovered in 1942, aged nine, when a BBC radio producer heard her singing to calm people’s nerves during an air raid. She went on to do hundreds of radio broadcasts and toured with young Julie Andrews, entertaining the troops.

There is a certain ambivalence in the way she discusses her childhood, reflected in an expression of relief that none of her three children have followed her into show business.

In 1957, aged 19, she met her future husband, Claude Wolff, a publicist at her French record company. There is a sense that she considers this the making of her.

For now, she is content to sing. In an interview on November 7th 2015 she said, “I like it when it’s a little bit difficult and I have to work at it. The communication with an audience can be extraordinary, I can find myself filled with a great love, other times you feel totally turned on. I feel everything. So I keep doing it. I don’t know how to do anything else.”

As we remember Petula Clarks birthday today, we her well, as we remember a song from her that touched us in certain way after hearing it.

Written & Designed by JD Mitchell


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