LOVE your Body Day

October 15th   Celebrates LOVE your Body Day

How much of (You) do you actually love about yourself?

Today on “Days to Remember” we celebrate the unofficial holiday called, “Love Your Body Day.”

The Organization called, “NOW,” which means National Organization for Women, started the unofficial holiday called, ‘Love Your Body Day,” for more information regarding this unofficial holiday, (Click Here) to find out tips on how to love yourself, to appreciate the body you already have.

Learning to love your body is a (work-in-progress) were all going to have bad days, which doesn’t necessarily mean we have a bad life.

It’s fair to say, at times we allow ourselves to compare ourselves to unrealistic expectations of what the ideal body looks like?

When all along YOU have to realize people will always love you for the (Weigh) you are!

Remember happiness is not in the ideal body shape, most people with the killer bodies have had their photo’s photo shopped to look awesome, but not feel it.

If you build up your confidence first, you can accomplish anything you want to do in life.

Today’s YouTube video on Love Your Body Day, which is October 15th is a song that will help inspire you, to know how important you are. It’s Christina Aguilera singing “You Are Beautiful.” As you hear the song remember the beauty inside you, which the perfect way to celebrate “Love Your Body Day.” Share by user name Lesley Lyrics Videos.

No matter how you look like, imperfections and all, you are loved!

how much are you wrorth from JD Mitchell

Written and Designed by JD Mitchell


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