Saturday Night Live

October 11th Celebrates Saturday Night Live

Today on “Days to Remember” we celebrate how on October 11th 1975, the late night television show called, “Saturday Night Live” was broadcast for the first time. George Carlin was the guest host, and the musical guests were, Billy Preston and Janis Ian.

Don Pardo introduced the cast on the first show as the “The not for ready, prime time players.”

A member of the Television Hall of Fame, Pardo was noted for his 70-year tenure with NBC, working as the announcer for early incarnations of such notable shows as The Price Is Right, Jackpot, and Jeopardy!, Three on a Match, Winning Streak and NBC Nightly News.

His longest, and best-known, announcing job was for NBC’s Saturday Night Live, a job he held for 39 seasons, from the show’s debut in 1975 until his death in 2014.

Pardo nominally retired from NBC in 2004. However, he continued to announce for Saturday Night Live at the behest of executive producer Lorne Michaels, Pardo died in his sleep on August 18, 2014 in Tucson, AZ at the age of 96.

The show was intended to have just six episodes.

The original concept was for a comedy-variety show featuring young comedians, live musical performances, short films by Albert Brooks, and segments by Jim Henson featuring atypically adult and abstract characters from the Muppets world. Rather than have one permanent host, Michaels elected to have a different guest host each week (Albert Brooks was originally booked to be a permanent host and claims it was his idea to have a different host each week).

The first cast member hired was Gilda Radner. The rest of the cast included fellow Second City alumni Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi, as well as National Lampoon “Lemmings” alumnus Chevy Chase (whose trademark became his usual falls and opening spiel that cued the show’s opening), Jane Curtin, Laraine Newman, and Garrett Morris.

After the Chevy Chase left to show to pursue a movie career Bill Murray took his place.

Today’s YouTube presentation brought to you by user name, (Dezzy McKenna) is one my all time favorite SNL skits of John Belushi playing the character Vito Corleone from the movie called, “The Godfather,” going to group therapy. As we celebrate how on October 11th 1975 Saturday Night Live made their television debut.

Eons ago when I saw the first show on Saturday Night Live George Carlin came from the back of the audience down to the stage.

In the recent SNL shows the host of the show comes out to the stage, but one thing about Saturday Night Live, their comedy routines were over the top.

Anthony Michael Hall was the youngest member of SNL at 17 years old.

When 25-year-old Kenan Thompson (born 1978) was hired for the 29th season (2003-2004), he became the first cast member who was born after the show premiered (1975).

Tina Fey is the first female head writer in the show’s history.

Cast members Bill Murray, John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Phil Hartman and Mike Myers all won Emmys for helping write the show.

The balcony level studio audience seats in Studio 8H, where Saturday Night Live is broadcast from, are actually seats on-loan from Yankees Stadium in the Bronx, New York. NY Yankees owner George M. Steinbrenner III loaned them out in 1975 with the assumption that Saturday Night Live wouldn’t stay on the air long (they were expected back upon cancellation of the show). Partly out of both tradition and superstition, the seats are still in use to this day.

As we celebrate SNL’s first live show today, which was aired on October 11th 1975, and it’s not for ready, prime time players!

Written & Designed by JD Mitchell


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