International Angel Day

September 7th Celebrates - International Angel Day

Some days we all need a little angel on our shoulder telling us what to avoid in our life, but what is International Angel Day all about?

The history of International Angel Day starts back to a day many of us remember as 9\11.

Doreen Virtue founder of International Angel Day witnessed the level of community reaching and supporting each other after such a tragedy and loss in New York City. Like Doreen, many of us watched from a far the tragedy and then the pulling together of community to support each other and rebuild, which is why September 7th is known as International Angel Day.

Today’s YouTube video presentation brought to you by user name, (Gallios) is Sarah McLachlan singing the song called, “In the Arms of a Angels.”

How can Angels help us now?

Angels appear to people in unpredictable and various ways. From a casual reading of Scripture, a person might get the idea that angelic appearances were somewhat common, but that is not the case. There is an increasing interest in angels today, and there are many reports of angelic appearances. Angels are part of almost every religion and generally seem to have the same role of messenger.

According to modern reports, angelic visitations come in a variety of forms. In some cases, a stranger prevents serious injury or death and then mysteriously disappears. In other cases, a winged or white-clothed being is seen momentarily and is then gone. The person who sees the angel is often left with a feeling of peace and assurance of God’s presence.

However I believe if you stereotype a situation of how an angel should look like, you’ll never be able to see an angel in your life time, because angels don’t always have to have wings.

Angels can be a kindness from a stranger, a person that accepts for who you are when others don’t.

Angels will NEVER go out of style. They have been a part of stories, ancient texts, songs, and word-of-mouth tales for thousands of years.
Did you know there are over 289 verses in the Bible with the word angel in them?

Music often seems to be the way angels connect with us, and most musical artists have sung or written about them at some point.

As we put asides our worries, and celebrate on September 7th International Angel Day, as we find the Angels in your life, on today’s day to remember.

Written & Designed by JD Mitchell

J.D Mitchell Design Studio


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