Windows 95

August 24th Celebrates Windows 95

On this day August 24th 1995, Microsoft Windows 95 came out on sale to the public.

Windows 95 (codenamed Chicago) is a consumer-oriented operating system developed by Microsoft, and was a significant progression from the company’s previous Windows products. Before becoming Windows 95 its Preliminary name was called Windows 4.0.

Every version of Windows has an internal codename used by Microsoft to refer to the project before a final name had been chosen. The 32bit protected mode kernel of Chicago (Windows 95) was codenamed Cougar and runs on top of Jaguar (Chicago kernel).

Prior to the official release, the American public was given a chance to preview Windows 95 in the Windows 95 Preview Program. For US$19.95, users were sent a set of 3.5-inch floppy diskettes that would install Windows 95 either as an upgrade to Windows 3.1x or as a fresh install on a clean computer.

Users who bought into the program were also given a free preview of The Microsoft Network (MSN), the online service that Microsoft launched with Windows 95.

Windows 95 was released with great fanfare, including a commercial featuring the Rolling Stones’ 1981 single “Start Me Up” (a reference to the Start button).

Today’s YouTube presentation shared by user name Whamtan, is the original commerical that aired in 1981 with the Rolling Stones infamous song called, “Start Me Up,” commerical introducing Windows 95.

It might be hard to imagine 20 years ago the release of Windows 95 now that Windows 10 was recently released.

When Windows 95 came out, it looked better and worked better, both things for which users had been waiting for years. This was a major rewrite of the Windows 95 code base, dramatically improving the user interface and moving Windows to a pseudo 32-bit platform.

Windows 95 introduced the Taskbar, which held buttons for all open windows. It was also the first version of Windows to use the Start button and Start menu (hence the tie to the Rolling Stones’ song); desktop shortcuts, right-clicking, and long file names also debuted in this version.

As we celebrate the day Windows 95 came out, in far we come in the technical world, on today’s day to remember

Written & Designed by JD Mitchell
J.D Mitchell Design Studio


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