Hawaii’s Statehood Day

August 21st Celebrates Hawaii’s Statehood Day

On this day in Hawaii President Eisenhower signed a proclamation on August 21st 1959, declaring Hawaii to be the 50th state.

There is a fair amount of debate surrounding this holiday, which has sparked discussions among locals. Some say that the day, which was formerly known as Admission Day, should either be removed or celebrated on a larger scale.

There are those who say that no official celebrations are held on the day and describe it as a silent day. Many opinions voice out that the anniversary of statehood is virtually ignored. Some people write messages or newspaper articles to promote the holiday, wishing the state a “happy birthday”.

Others believe that the holiday is a controversial matter and can be perceived as culturally insensitive by native Hawaiians. It has also been reported that a group of independence activists disrupted a Statehood Day celebration on the grounds of Iolani Palace in 2006.

Hawaii’s Statehood Day is a state holiday so government offices are closed, as well as schools and major universities. Some bus companies may observe the public holiday, while others operate seven days a week, including all holidays. Ferries may also operate on the holiday. People planning to use public transit services on this day can check with the local public transit service providers prior to travelling.

So the gist of this is, if you happen to be living in Hawaii and it happens to be August 21st your probably not going to get very far if you’re going somewhere?

What a perfect way to start the weekend, as remember today is when Hawaii became our 50th State, as we celebrate today’s day to remember.

Written & Designed by JD Mitchell

J.D Mitchell Design Studio



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