Carlos Santana

August 17th Celebrates Carlos Santana

On August 17th Carlos Santana received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1998.

The star, is located at 7080 Hollywood Boulevard (near the corner of Hollywood and La Brea), is sponsored by contributions secured by the Hispanic Education and Media Group, Inc. (HEMG).

For the past 30 years, Carlos Santana and the Santana Band have continuously built and maintained a growing audience that, today, spans generations all over the world. His legacy includes more than 30 million albums and performances before an estimated 20 million people and those numbers continue, to grow.

Crossing all ethnic, geographic and political boundaries, Santana fans have claimed Carlos’ music and universal message of compassion, love and understanding as their own.

In addition, he is a role model for Latinos and other Spanish-speaking communities around the world, and continues to support worthy causes that support education and the needs of children. In 1998, Santana was inducted into the Rock’ n Roll Hall of Fame.

Today’s YouTube video clip brought to you by, My Channel, is one of my favorite songs from Carlos Santana called, “Put Your Lights On.”

As the spot light is turned on Carlos Santana today as we celebrate his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

I encourage to find a song that you like listening to from Carlos Santana, and listen to it today as we celebrate today’s day to remember.

Written & Designed by JD Mitchell

J.D Mitchell Design Studio


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