Sons and Daughters Day

August 11th Celebrates Sons and Daughters Day

Son and Daughter Day is a day to spend with your children. After all, your son and daughter are the joy of your life. It’s reminder for parents to spend more time with their children, but how did this holiday originate?

The idea behind Son’s and Daughter’s Day is the same as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. It encourages appreciating family members by spending more time with their kids, not necessarily to buy them more gifts.

It is similar to Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work Day, which was created in 1992, but only included girls until being expanded to include boys in 2003. However, many companies allowed boys and girls to participate before the day was officially expanded.

That day occurs on the fourth Thursday of April. It was designed to help children explore different life and career options. The Ms. Foundation for Women, which created Take Our Daughters to Work Day, also designed the program to address girls’ self esteem issues and show them different career options.

While the origin of this unofficial holiday is a mystery, it is clear that the anonymous creators Son and Daughter Day wanted parents to acknowledge the joy their children bring into their lives.

The bond between parents and their sons and daughters is a very special one. It endures age and distance. No matter how old a person gets, their parents still see him or her as a child – someone to protect and shower love on.

So, take this day to tell your sons and daughters how much they mean to you and that you respect them, for who they are.

Did you know that the concept of “childhood” was to be used as being needed and protected, by their parents in the 16th century? Before the word “childhood,” came out, children were seen as miniature and incomplete version of adults.

I was apple of my father’s eye when he was alive, and what I remember most about my father is he never spoke to me like a dumb witted little kid, but as an intelligent adult, which made me the person I am today, which is why I picked this holiday to write about, because there’s so many things you can do with your kids without spending a dime.

And that is, Love, however I think sons and daughter day should be celebrated every day, because a truly rich parent is one whose children run into their arms when their hands are empty.

Written & Designed by JD Mitchell
J.D Mitchell Design Studio


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