Bonza Bottle Day

August 8th Celebrates Bonza Bottle Day

What is Bonza Bottle Day?

When Australians like something, they might exclaim, “Bonza” which means “super,” “great,” or “fantastic.” “Bottler” is slang for “something excellent.”

Is there a mascot for Bonza Bottle Day?

The Bonza Bottler Day mascot is a dancing groundhog, which I can relate too because I have dancing squirrel in my backyard named Biff.
How should Bonza Bottle Day be celebrated?

The proper way to celebrate is with a party, but if that is not possible, a person should at least wish other people a “Happy Bonza Bottler Day.”

Thus, the celebration each month is now known as Bonza Bottler Day, which was first officially celebrated on August 8, 1985 in Greenville, South Carolina, where Elaine Fremont was born and lived.

The founder of Bonza Bottler Day, Elaine Fremont, died in a car
accident on April 8, 1995 at the age of 43. For ten years she had celebrated every Bonza Bottler Day with her friends or her family.

Though Elaine has passed on, her sister Gail Berger has taken over making sure her memory and her desire that Bonza Bottler Day be a day of celebration live on.

In whatever way you celebrate, we hope you, too, will enjoy many Bonza Bottler Days to come as embrace family and friends on this day!

Written & Designed by JD Mitchell

J.D Mitchell Design Studio


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