The Wienermobile

July 18th Celebrates - The Wienermobile

What’s a Wienermobile?

If you haven’t guess yet the first Oscar Meyer Wienermobile rolled out of the General Body Company’s factory on July 18th 1934, in Chicago, IL.

Oscar F. Mayer began selling quality meats with his brother Gottfried over 125 years ago in Chicago.

They ran their small butcher shop with a code we still follow today. Salami hanged to dry for at least 30 days. Bacon smoked for 12 hours over real hardwood.

The Wienermobile might be a funny car, but there’s no funny business about the quality of food you get a Oscar Myer, because Oscar believed, “There’s always a better way.” More than a century later, we’re still committed to finding a better way in everything we do.

Today’s YouTube video clip brought to you by user name Gear Patrol gives you a glimpse of the Wienermobile in action.

The Wienermobile has been roaming America’s highways and back roads since 1936, when this majestic vehicle was created by Carl Mayer (Oscar’s Nephew!).

In fact there are six Wienermobile vehicles on the road right now. Give us a shout if you see one.

Here’s how to know one for sure if you saw one recently, you’ll suddenly start smiling more than you have in weeks.

The driver is a friendly Hotdogger.

It’s a 27-foot-long hot dog on wheels. You can also follow our latest adventures on Twitter and Instagram.

When the Wienermobile is in town, life is as tasty as a Chili Cheese Dog.

In lieu of today’s story, like the song goes, “If I was an Oscar Meyer Wiener. Everyone would be love with me!”

Written & Designed by JD Mitchell

J.D Mitchell Design Studio


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