The Yellow Submarine

July 17th Celebrates - The Yellow Submarine

On July 17th 1968, the world premiere of The Beatles’ animated feature film, “Yellow Submarine,” took place on this evening at the London Pavilion on Piccadilly Circus.

Although the group had largely retreated from the public eye in recent months, with their trip to India and the recording of the White Album, their popularity remained undiminished. As with their previous film openings, large crowds turned out, blocking streets and bringing traffic to a standstill.

Today’s YouTube video clip by user name The Beatles gives you a clever display of the Beatles Songs.

In my research for this story I came across some interesting trivia about the making of Yellow Submarine.

George and Pattie Harrison, Ringo Starr and Maureen Starkey, and John Lennon and Yoko Ono all attended.

The only Beatle to arrive alone was Paul McCartney, whose fiancée Jane Asher was absent. Three days later she announced the end of their relationship on BBC television.

After the première The Beatles went to a celebratory party at the Royal Lancaster Hotel, where the in-house discothèque was renamed Yellow Submarine for the occasion. It retained the name for several years after.

Did you know George Harrison was the only Beatle that knew about Submarines?

George Harrison had commented, by saying, “I know something about motors” when the submarine’s stops working.” As a matter of fact, George Harrison’s brother was a mechanic, and George himself had worked as an apprentice electrician in his teens and planned to go into business with his brother.

According Lee Minoff, the character of the Nowhere Man is based on the noted theatrical director and doctor, Jonathan Miller.

The song “Yellow Submarine” topped the UK charts three years before the film was released. It’s the only Beatles number one to feature Ringo Starr on lead vocals.

Ringo sang lead, as he did on many of the lighter Beatles songs, including “Octopus’s Garden” and “Act Naturally.” Originally, Ringo had a spoken intro to go with the children’s story theme, but this was discarded. Ringo did eventually get his chance to narrate for children: he was voice talent on the UK cartoon Thomas The Tank Engine.

Paul McCartney wrote this one. He explained shortly after it was released in 1966: “‘Yellow Submarine’ is very simple but very different. It’s a fun song, a children’s song. Originally we intended it to be ‘Sparky’ a children’s record. But now it’s the idea of a yellow submarine where all the kids went to have fun.

I was just going to sleep one night and thinking if we had a children’s song, it would be nice to be on a yellow submarine where all your friends are with a band.”

Some people felt this song had deeper meaning about drugs or war. The Beatles said it did not, but they were used to people reading too much into their songs.

In lieu of todays story, as we reminisce about the song called, The Yellow Submarine.

Did you know the word “Submarine” is a combination of the 2 words “Sub”, meaning below or under, and “Marine” referring to the Sea or Ocean. “Submarine” literally means Below the Sea or Under the Ocean; however you wish to phrase it.

However the first known usage of the word submarine was in 1703, hoping that this story interested the sea legs in you, have a wonderful weekend!

Written & Designed by JD Mitchell

J.D Mitchell Design Studio


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