Light My Fire

July 3rd Celebrates Light My Fire

On July 3rd 1967, the musical group called The Doors released the song “Light My Fire” in the U.S.

The song originated as an unfinished Robby Krieger composition. Although the album version was just over seven minutes long, it was widely requested for radio play, so a single version was edited to less than three minutes with nearly all the instrumental break removed for airplay on AM radio.

The band appeared on various TV shows, such as American Bandstand, miming to a playback of the single. However, “Light My Fire” was performed live by the Doors on The Ed Sullivan Show broadcast on September 17, 1967.

The Doors were asked by producer Bob Precht, Sullivan’s son-in-law, to change the line “girl, we couldn’t get much higher”, as the sponsors were uncomfortable with the possible reference to drug-taking.

The band agreed to do so, and did a rehearsal using the amended lyrics, “girl, we couldn’t get much better”; however, during the live performance, the band’s lead singer Jim Morrison sang the original lyric.

Ed Sullivan did not shake Morrison’s hand as he left the stage. The band had been negotiating a multi-episode deal with the producers; however, after breaking the agreement not to perform the line, they were informed they would never do the Sullivan show again.

Morrison’s response was “We just ‘did’ Sullivan.”

Today’s YouTube video brought to you by user name Kevin Caizachana, is the Doors singing the song called, “Light My Fire,” on The Ed Sullivan show.

John Densmore recalled that Buick offered $75,000 in October 1968 to adapt the song for use in a Buick Opel TV commercial (“Come on, Buick, light my fire”).

Morrison, however, was still in London after a European tour had just ended on September 20 and could not be reached by the other group members, who agreed to the deal in his absence.

As the band had agreed in 1965 to both equal splits and everyone having veto power in decisions, Morrison consequently called Buick and threatened to personally smash an Opel with a sledgehammer on television, should the commercial be aired.

In lieu of today’s story, “Light My Fire,” has always been a catchy tune, despite its sexual orientation, the song maybe be a maverick of nonsense to someone listening to it, but is still is one the most played song in U.S. today!

Written & Designed by JD Mitchell

J.D Mitchell Design Studio


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